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Custom Alumawood

Custom Alumawood

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Functional Alumawood

Functional Alumawood

Did you ever consider having a carport built for your car or motorcycle? Maybe you are particularly drawn to aluma wood, and you already have a couple of designs in mind. But did you ever think about assessing the degree of security such a structure could provide your previous vehicle with? Let's find out more about the topic within these next few lines.

What Is A Carport?

  • Carports are covered structures that serve as storage facilities for cars and other small vehicles. The main purpose they serve is to keep rain and snow away from vehicles.

  • They can be attached to walls or free-standing structures, and they normally have or two walls, instead of four. This means that a carport is not able to provide the same level of protection compared to a garage. Which also translates to higher vulnerability into the hands of thieves. A garage can benefit from a number of security solutions in terms of locks for doors and windows, alarms, sensors, and surveillance equipment. A carport, on the other hand, does not have any doors, given the nature of the structure.247carlocksmiths.com

  • On the other hand, a carport enables better ventilation than a garage. This can be helpful for windshield frosting.

  • There are also mobile types of carports that are enclosed and serve the same purpose as a regular structure. Nevertheless, the can be moved from place to place and they are usually framed with the help of tubular steel. They can also feature canvas or vinyl covering that can enclose the frames and the walls. It is also possible for these structures to have accessible front or open entries.

  • Some carports can be made of metal, while others also incorporate wood. Aluma wood makes for a good choice in this regard.

How Safe Is A Carport?

  • If you own a valuable car or motorcycle you need to be stored in a carport, you may be interested in learning a few things about the degree of safety you should expect.

  • Know that you can fully customize your carport and use the structure, bulking plan, model, and materials of your liking. Steel is highly recommended thanks to its high strength to weight ratio. It may be pricier than wood, but the investment is well worth it. Its upkeep is also cheap, and the impressive longevity of steel constructions makes them excellent choices.

  • But a wood garage or carport can also last for up to three decades if maintained and repaired on time. With the help of expert car locksmiths like these guys here https://www.247carlocksmiths.com/prices, you can also increase the level of safety on your vehicle. Even if you will choose a carport over a locked garage, you can still enjoy your safe car for a long time and not have to worry about opportunist thieves. An authorized and experienced locksmith for vehicles will assess and fix any lock, keys and ignition problem. They can also recommend enhanced solutions such as alarms, locks for brakes and wheels, all leading to better protection.

Order replacement parts for you Alumawood Patio Cover. Have them sent to you home and give your patio a make over with new parts.

In this section we will go over what is possible with an Alumawood patio cover. Alumawood shade structures are an excellent way to expand your living area outside your home. Whether you’re having a bbq with family and friends or relaxing with a book, patio covers help protect from the sun, rain, snow, and other elements.

Product Features:

  • Heavy header beam construction
  • Richly textured wood finish
  • Six popular designer colors
  • Durable Aluma-Shield paint system
  • Fasteners in matching colors
  • Recessed lighting system option by LightStrip
  • Four style options for beam and rafter end cuts
Alumawood patio

Alumawood with Fans, Post Lights, and Lightstrips

List of Ideas:

  • columns (smooth, square, & fluted)
  • fans & lights
  • electrical additions (outlets, switched, flood lights, etc.)
  • double header beams
  • upgrade to IRP (Insulated Roof Panel)
  • 1″ spacing for lattice tubes
  • 2″x3″ lattice tubes
  • steel framing (increase post spacing for view)
Custom Alumawood

Custom Alumawood

If you can dream it, we can build it. We understand that every home and homeowner has a unique style. On your estimate we will show you what is possible to bring your Alumawood patio cover to life.

To schedule your estimate you can use one of the following:

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Our main focus will be on the function of the Alumawood patio cover. There are two things that make an Alumawood patio cover functionally and they are the size and electrical.

Step 1: What is the size of you patio cover?
Examples of sizes are (10’x20′,12’x26, or 15’x30)

Sketch patio size

Sketch patio size

Step 2: Lighting and Electrical additions.
As great as Alumawood patio covers are you just can not use them very much in the dark. At least a couple post lights are a must on any patio cover. After some lights on you patio cover the next great addition is a the fan. Fans are great for moving the air around but also add an aesthetic appeal to your design. With electrical the sky is the limit, and here is a short list to think about:

Step 3: Estimate for you project.

Click to request a quote or give us a call at 951-674-8533

Functional Alumawood

Functional Alumawood

Summer Alumawood deals.

10’x20′ Patio Cover for $1800.00
12’x20′ Patio Cover for $2100.00
10’x30′ Patio Cover for $2600.00
12’x30′ Patio Cover for $3050.00

(all these deals include 2 lights wired for free.)

Alumawood Flat Wrap

Alumawood Flat Wrap

This Alumawood patio cover is 10’x30′.  The color of this patio is Sonora Beige and has flat bevel ends.  The cover is wrapped with 2″x6″ gutter to give it a clean finish.  It includes two downspouts to drain water off the roof.  This patio was built in Lake Elsinore, Ca.

The posts are attached with 3″ Redheads to anchor it to the concrete slab.  The ledger is fastened with 4″ lag bolts at 16″ on center on each stud.  The C-Channel/rolled formed hanger is caulked above and within the hanger.  A foam gasket is also rolled into the C-Channel/rolled formed hanger to prevent water from getting through.  The downspouts are 2″x3″ to ensure maximum water flow.

Electrical could easily be added to an Alumawood patio cover like this one.  This patio cover would look even better with two post lights and at least one fan.  Additionally, outlets or flood lights could be added to the Alumawood patio cover to make it more functional.

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