Alumahangers for Alumawood

The Alumahangers for Alumawood was specifically design to fit the 2×6 piece, 3×8 piece and solid section of the patio cover. They can be installed in seconds with out the need of any tools. The idea of the design is to cause no wholes or damage to the patio structure. You can order them online from the company website or from

The Alumahangers have been around for about ten years and are currently the best way to hang wind chimes, bird feeders, and decorations on Alumawood patio covers. They come in white but you can order Aerosol paint that matches you patio or use the paint codes we provide to get the paint from Home Depot or Lowes. It really started of as a simple idea and seeing how there are thousand and thousand of Alumawood owners we are still trying to spreed the work to the public so everyone with an Alumawood patio cover can enjoy this simple yet useful product.

Alumahangers Vides

Solid Alumahanger Video Link

Lattice 2×6/3×8 Alumahaner Video Link