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Laguna lattice Alumawood can be built in many different ways. There are multiple options on the size lattice tubes you can use. Some designs can be rounded or rafter beams can be doubled up to add a touch of style to a patio. This Alumawood cover is where the end cuts (Mitered, Flat Beveled, Corbel, or Scallop) can really enhance the look of your back yard patio cover. Depending on how much shade you want you can increase or decrease the spacing between the lattice tubes. With lattice patio covers you really get that wood look with out all the hassle of painting. Take a look at the gallery of images to see what design you like the most. Enjoy

Lattice Alumawood patio covers.

“The wood look with the long life!”
Here is a link to a Google image search of “Lattice Alumawood” for even more pictures on the web.

If you are trying to find a way to hang something from you Alumawood patio cover the check out the Alumahanger.