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These questions and options will help us get your quote as accurate as possible. Taking the time to do this correctly will get your quote back to you within the 24 hour. Note: We are no longer building freestanding patio covers. Attached structures only
Just select what you want and we will give you prices for each.
This is the typically the panels and the way the water flows to the gutters. 12' is the most common size. (5'-20')
This is the typically the longer section of the patio cover. This would be the header/support beams that attach to the post and hold the patio cover up.
This is just to so we calculate the cost of you post system
Please take a picture of where the patio cover will be built and attach here..
Just a sketch showing the size of the patio cover. Include Projection out from the house and length of the patio cover (example12'x30')

Example Dimension Sketch (Link opens in new window)

How soon are you looking to move forward with this project? Choose a date that you would like to have your patio cover built.

With this information our estimator can calculate your patio quickly and if they have any questions they will be able to contact you via email or phone. We know it is competitive out there and sometimes you need to get a few prices before feeling comfortable going forward with a contractor. Feel free to ask any questions that you might have, and be sure to check out our Frequently Ask Questions page if you have time. There is a lot of information on the questions that should be asked and what to expect when purchasing an Alumawood patio cover. Last, we would like to say we know that there are a lot of contractors to choose from and we appreciate your consideration on having Classic Alumawood Covers build your shade structure.

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(questions please call 951-674-8533)