Classic Alumawood Covers

In this section we will go over what is possible with an Alumawood patio cover. Alumawood shade structures are an excellent way to expand your living area outside your home. Whether you’re having a bbq with family and friends or relaxing with a book, patio covers help protect from the sun, rain, snow, and other elements.

Product Features:

  • Heavy header beam construction
  • Richly textured wood finish
  • Six popular designer colors
  • Durable Aluma-Shield paint system
  • Fasteners in matching colors
  • Recessed lighting system option by LightStrip
  • Four style options for beam and rafter end cuts
Alumawood patio

Alumawood with Fans, Post Lights, and Lightstrips

List of Ideas:

  • columns (smooth, square, & fluted)
  • fans & lights
  • electrical additions (outlets, switched, flood lights, etc.)
  • double header beams
  • upgrade to IRP (Insulated Roof Panel)
  • 1″ spacing for lattice tubes
  • 2″x3″ lattice tubes
  • steel framing (increase post spacing for view)
Custom Alumawood

Custom Alumawood

If you can dream it, we can build it. We understand that every home and homeowner has a unique style. On your estimate we will show you what is possible to bring your Alumawood patio cover to life.

To schedule your estimate you can use one of the following:

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What make an Alumawood patio cover a quality product? Two major factors in having construction of an aluminum  patio cover are the quality of the product and the quality of the company you choose to build your project.

Alumawood Quality

Alumawood Quality

Let start with the integrity of the products. Our product is Alumawood by Amerimax Building Products. There are alot of other brands out there but there is only one Alumawood. Amerimax has been around for over 50 years helping homeowners get more value, more space, and enjoyment from their homes. The paint job is second to none with the Alumawood Aluma-Sheild paint system with TEFLON surface protector. You can also consider the Alumawood Transferable Warranty to know you have a company that will back up their products.

Alumawood Quality

Alumawood by Amerimax

Classic Alumawood Covers has over 30 years combined experience in the business of Alumawood products. We have many other ways to review our business on yelp, facebook, and instagram.  We also have many testimonials from previous customers. Our main ideal is that you should love you neighbor as you love yourself.

We appreciate you considering us to build your Alumawood patio cover. You can reach us the following ways.

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Our main focus will be on the function of the Alumawood patio cover. There are two things that make an Alumawood patio cover functionally and they are the size and electrical.

Step 1: What is the size of you patio cover?
Examples of sizes are (10’x20′,12’x26, or 15’x30)

Sketch patio size

Sketch patio size

Step 2: Lighting and Electrical additions.
As great as Alumawood patio covers are you just can not use them very much in the dark. At least a couple post lights are a must on any patio cover. After some lights on you patio cover the next great addition is a the fan. Fans are great for moving the air around but also add an aesthetic appeal to your design. With electrical the sky is the limit, and here is a short list to think about:

Step 3: Estimate for you project.

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Functional Alumawood

Functional Alumawood

wpan Amerimax

custom wpan aluminum patio

One of a kind Wpan aluminum awning.

Although this patio has a lot of custom cuts, this product is very affordable for the average patio cover.

Examples of how reasonable these are price below in standard sizes:

10’x20′ = $1400
12’x20′ = $1650

Each aluminum awing is different but usually when they are larger in square footage.
Give us a call to get a price on a aluminum awing today.


Just so you know you.. When pulling a permit for your patio cover you can always pull an Owner Builder permit and build your Alumawood patio cover yourself. Even if you just want to save to money pulling the permit, buying the material and then hiring a contractor to build the patio. This way you can save a little money and keep track of the expenses. It is a little bit more busy work but if you have the time then it may be worth it in the end.

I will be expanding on the subject soon. Any question just email us or call.

Owner Builder

Owner Builder Permit

Summer Alumawood deals.

10’x20′ Patio Cover for $1800.00
12’x20′ Patio Cover for $2100.00
10’x30′ Patio Cover for $2600.00
12’x30′ Patio Cover for $3050.00

(all these deals include 2 lights wired for free.)

Alumawood Flat Wrap

Alumawood Flat Wrap

This Alumawood patio cover is 10’x30′.  The color of this patio is Sonora Beige and has flat bevel ends.  The cover is wrapped with 2″x6″ gutter to give it a clean finish.  It includes two downspouts to drain water off the roof.  This patio was built in Lake Elsinore, Ca.

The posts are attached with 3″ Redheads to anchor it to the concrete slab.  The ledger is fastened with 4″ lag bolts at 16″ on center on each stud.  The C-Channel/rolled formed hanger is caulked above and within the hanger.  A foam gasket is also rolled into the C-Channel/rolled formed hanger to prevent water from getting through.  The downspouts are 2″x3″ to ensure maximum water flow.

Electrical could easily be added to an Alumawood patio cover like this one.  This patio cover would look even better with two post lights and at least one fan.  Additionally, outlets or flood lights could be added to the Alumawood patio cover to make it more functional.

Alumawood Special Offer