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Summer Alumawood deals.

10’x20′ Patio Cover for $1800.00
12’x20′ Patio Cover for $2100.00
10’x30′ Patio Cover for $2600.00
12’x30′ Patio Cover for $3050.00

(all these deals include 2 lights wired for free.)

Alumawood Flat Wrap

Alumawood Flat Wrap

This Alumawood patio cover is 10’x30′.  The color of this patio is Sonora Beige and has flat bevel ends.  The cover is wrapped with 2″x6″ gutter to give it a clean finish.  It includes two downspouts to drain water off the roof.  This patio was built in Lake Elsinore, Ca.

The posts are attached with 3″ Redheads to anchor it to the concrete slab.  The ledger is fastened with 4″ lag bolts at 16″ on center on each stud.  The C-Channel/rolled formed hanger is caulked above and within the hanger.  A foam gasket is also rolled into the C-Channel/rolled formed hanger to prevent water from getting through.  The downspouts are 2″x3″ to ensure maximum water flow.

Electrical could easily be added to an Alumawood patio cover like this one.  This patio cover would look even better with two post lights and at least one fan.  Additionally, outlets or flood lights could be added to the Alumawood patio cover to make it more functional.

Alumawood Special Offer

It’s that time of year when the Southern California sun becomes unbearable. If you need a contractor to help design and build your custom Alumawood patio cover then give us a call at 951-674-8533. We love to build patio covers of all shapes and sizes.




Here is an unique aluminum patio cover. We had never done one quite like this before but it really does change the look of the Alumawood.

custom design, aluminum patio, lights, fans, rollup shades

custom design, aluminum patio, lights, fans, rollup shades

Alumawood Newport Alumawood Solid One of a kind Alumawood in Escondido

Look no further, if you need a patio installed then give us a call. We have 25 years combined experience in aluminum patio cover installations. If you have an old Alumawood patio you need moved or assembled we can help you with that too.