Whether your business space is located in Charlotte, Durham, Winston Salem, or in a different area, we can come to your help when it comes to floor coating products. We are proud to say that we can currently offer you some of the most aesthetically appealing as well as practical floor coatings and custom flooring solutions currently available for commercial use. With chemical resistance and full VOC compliance, our floor coating options will perfectly match any style of an office or commercial area, and all you will be left to worry about will be the security of the building.

Keep Your Commercial Space Safe

Thanks to the no-slip finishes that all of our commercial floor coating options, you can effectively use them around restaurants, offices spaces, kitchens, showrooms and wherever else you might need non slippery floors. But keeping your retail shop or restaurant safe means more than making sure customers and your staff will not slip, fall, and suffer from any injuries injuries. It means ensuring that all of the locks on the doors are periodically checked for vulnerabilities and that they are fixed on time. It also means rekeying or replacing old locks with new/superior ones and also worrying about the degree of safety that your windows can provide you with. Many burglars will choose to make their way into your diner, office space, or car showroom through a ground-floor window. Leaving these windows open or unlocked in case you do have locks on them is one of the biggest mistakes you could make. Set up a clear security protocol concerning the lock/unlocking of all doors and windows and have small-keyed locks installed on all of your windows. Do not hesitate to aim for security grilles as well as they will make potential burglars' job even harder.

Get in touch with a commercial locksmith you can find online or check out a 247 emergency locksmith (authorizedlocksmiths.com) in your area if you are not sure how to search for a commercial locksmith in particular. Have them come over and assess the state of your locks and do all the repair or maintenance work necessary. Their trained eye will immediately spot any vulnerabilities such as improperly aligned locks, doors, and strike plates to keyways and locks that need lubrication, worn-out keys or other access tokens that could use some refreshing and so on.

Since commercial spaces are the ones that usually produce a profit for any business, it is mandatory they are also endowed with panic buttons that can send out immediate alerts to the police or a chosen security company, as well as surveillance cameras or other types of sensor alarm systems. Most burglars will feel the need to abandon their mission once they will notice a CCTV surveillance camera; and if they won't, at least you will get a chance at identifying them faster with the help of the video recordings you can show to the police.

A professional locksmith who is licensed to function in your state and insured/bonded will be able to cover any potential damages done to your locks, doors, or windows during his work. Set up an assessment session with them and have them thoroughly assess every detail of your security system in place and recommend the best solutions or alternatives. If you do not have your now security expert within your company, hire outsourced help.